Amalfi Coast: Pompeii & Herculaneum


Rome + end of 2012 (98)

I was lucky enough to have a trip to Pompeii provided for my Ancient Roman Civilization class. We went in November and the weather was awful. The winds were breaking umbrellas, there was an on and off downpour of rain, but on the plus side, it was completely empty!

Rome + end of 2012 (99)However, if you are not in a class in Rome that provides a trip to Pompeii, you can easily get to Pompeii via the Circumvesuviana train which takes you almost anywhere between Naples (Napoli) and Sorrento. I’m not sure how far the train stop is from the entrance to the city, but it’s usually never more than a ten minute walk.

Rome + end of 2012 (107)

Rome + end of 2012 (106)

So many stray dogs throughout Pompeii! I am convinced that the ancient rulers of Rome are embodied in stray dogs and cats that will forever watch over their city.

Rome + end of 2012 (91)

Rome + end of 2012 (105)

Rome + end of 2012 (103)

Rome + end of 2012 (102)

Eternal suffering

Rome + end of 2012 (101)AVERT YOUR EYES!

Rome + end of 2012 (114)

Yes, that would be a naughty fresco in one of the main brothels in Pompeii. Other than this ‘erotic art’, which mind you, this fresco is only one of at least ten different frescoes (and yes, different positions); there was also many tiny rooms with a cement bed attached to the wall. Not exactly comfy or private, but it got the job done. There was also ancient graffiti throughout the walls saying exactly what you think someone leaving a brothel would write.Rome + end of 2012 (113)

And this would be a penis in the ground that the Pompeii tour guides explained helped point incoming sailors in the right direction (it does in fact point to where the brothel is). My teacher however said that this was completely false and that it was merely a symbol of good luck. I prefer the sailor story myself.

Rome + end of 2012 (112)Awesome patterns–this was the backyard patio area in a wealthy family’s home.

Rome + end of 2012 (100)  Rome + end of 2012 (97)

Rome + end of 2012 (96)

Rome + end of 2012 (95)


IMG_6243Another stop along the Circumvesuviana and just a ten minute walk downhill to get to these ancient ruins from the train stop. For some reason we didn’t have to pay an entry fee, which I’m not sure if that’s how it always is, or if it’s perhaps free on Sundays, or if we just happened to go on a museum holiday deal (..or something along those lines). The best part of our visit was that they let you check your bags for free!!!!! It was amazing being able to drop all of our stuff off and not carry it throughout the ancient city. I have a feeling they only do it so that you will not steal ancient artifacts, but I’m not complaining–it certainly saved my back.

Note: the city is called ‘Ercolano’

IMG_6302We went in early October and the weather was perfect (this was the last stop on our Amalfi Coast weekend trip).

IMG_6300Lemon trees!








Such beautiful tiles!


The bath area’s locker rooms (you can see the little cubbies on the left).











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