My Favorite Museum in Paris

Espace Dalí

11 Rue Poulbot  75018 Paris, France

Elephant + Crystal

The Dali museum is located in the Montmartre neighborhood, near the Sacré-Cœur Basilica and is hands down my favorite museum that I saw in Paris. It was small, not crowded, and had mind blowing artwork by Salvador Dalí (full name: Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech….damn). A bit difficult to find if you only have a map, but there are plenty of people who will help you along the way!

Alice in Wonderland

I loved almost every art piece and Dalí is now my favorite artist after seeing this museum. I regret not getting a fun trinket from the gift shop, but I do have all of these lovely pictures of his work…

Similar to ‘The Persistence of Memory’, one of his most famous pieces. God that hanger is awesome. I love that he signed it.

Alice in Wonderland

I already loved the book, loved the animated Disney movie, liked the Tim Burton version, giggled at some random BBC version and to seal the deal, I absolutely LOVED Dali’s art pieces.

Alice was depicted in almost every piece, from being the main focus to a very small depiction in the corner, I thought it was wonderful.
Don’t mind the glare from the museum lights! 😉
The Caterpillar and Alice.
Alice + the White Rabbit

The attention to details is AMAZING. I wish I could have zoomed into every picture, but unfortunately Iwe didn’t have that much time to spare…

The Queen

Romeo + Juliet

Equally as fantastic as the Alice in Wonderland–with a little more something-something (perhaps love, death, gore…)

Disney Castle?

The End
A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life.

I loved this museum not only for the artwork, but also for the space and museum itself. Photography was allowed on all pieces (refreshing since there were many screams of NO FLASH! or PUT IT AWAY! in many other museums). There was also no one shoving me out of the way and I never felt like a sardine!!!! Overall, everyone was very relaxed as we meandered throughout the different rooms.

A few more random pieces that I loved…

I think Gaga would love this.
I love this man…..and the things he does with his mustache.

If none of this interested you, I’m sorry you had to waste your time looking through this post. However, if you’re intrigued and happen to be in Paris then I highly recommend you check out this museum–I’m not sure what the price is to get in, since we got in for free with the Paris Pass, but here’s some more information:

Miniature Elephant + Crystal

I’m not sure what’s more absurd about this interview…Dali or the very persuasive  advertisement for Parliament cigarettes.





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